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Hossain property preservation service LLC is the mortgage field services industry leader, preserving vacant and foreclosed properties across the U.S. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Hossain property preservation services provide the highest quality service to our clients by leveraging innovative technologies and proactively developing industry best practices and quality control procedures. We offer a wide variety of services including REO services, property preservation, inspection, and rehabilitation as well as pre-foreclosure and post-foreclosure management. Additionally, we offer services such as trash-outs, lawn maintenance or landscaping, sales cleans and initial secures among others. Our foundation is based on the provision of a service that aims at satisfying our customers’ needs.

What We Do?


Field Visits

We assist you in re-establishing communication with your customer and deliver your personalized and confidential correspondence while inspecting and photographing property.


Inspection Services

We visually inspect vehicles, real estate, commercial inventory, leased vehicles, equipment, or any other types of property. We provide a detailed condition report and digital photos of the property.


Property Preservation

In accordance with investor guidelines, we provide preservation services in order to maintain and protect the value of the property.



We provide professional, accurate high-quality property preservation & REO services for the mortgage field service/default asset management industry. We preserve and protect our clients and communities real estate assets, by relieving the burdens of default in order for these properties to be placed back on the real estate market, quickly, and with the highest values possible. We are making a difference one property at a time.


Our mission is to build a property preservation and property management company that can favorably compete with other leading property preservation and property management companies.

Our Vission

To be a National Leader in our industry, while enriching the lives of our employees, vendors, and clients. To continue to create opportunities for our employees to be able to grow and fulfill their greatest potentials. To continue to make a difference for our clients and for our communities one property at a time. To consistently treat our vendors with respect and provide quality on-time payments.

Our Service


Property Inspections

  Hossain preservation works on behalf of loan servicers and through its national vendor network to keep vacant properties secure, safe and well-maintained inside and out. All work performed follows applicable investor and insurer guidelines.  

Property Preservation

  As the market for REO services has increased in the aftermath of the nation’s housing crisis, Safeguard has become a leader in maintaining the REO assets of its clients to protect the value and help improve the marketability of properties.

Real Estate Owned

  In accordance with investor guidelines, we provide preservation services in order to maintain and protect the value of property.
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